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Hero - Perry Moore I really wanted to like this book. A YA novel about a gay superhero--cool! And yet, despite the author's obvious attempts to break away from the standard, cliched superhero lore, there remains quite a bit of disappointingly standard fare.

For example: most of the female characters are irritating cliches, and the one who stands out as the most original one, of course, dies. Let's chuck some more women in that refrigerator, it's not full just yet. Also, if I read one more "lackluster-to-outright-bad dad redeems himself through sacrificing his life" story I'm going to scream.

The pacing was sometimes awkward, and it was obvious that the main group of superheroes was a blatant ripoff of the DC universe's Justice League. At times the story almost felt like it could have started its life as Justice League fan fiction, to the point where determining which "Hero" character was based on which DC character became distracting.

Thom's superpower seemed pretty trivial to the story most of the time, and conveniently vanished as the plot called for it. Thom himself vacillates between being a realistic and sympathetic character and being a whiny, careless idiot. I guess I can chalk that up to his age, but it does make for sometimes frustrating reading. It seemed like everyone was against Thom because of his sexuality, which sometimes seemed overdramatic and unbelievable, but I think that part of what the author was trying to convey was that everyone doesn't have to be against you if those who could be on your side remain silent. It seemed like there were a lot of people in the background who just didn't care, and the more vocal bigots were never slapped down. A sad commentary indeed.