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After the Golden Age

After the Golden Age - Carrie Vaughn Although I read this book in a single afternoon, I ended up feeling irritated and a bit cheated at the end. An awful lot of the book is a prolonged whine by the main character, Celia West, who has a major issue with being the normal daughter of two super-powered parents.

The book starts out all right and even has some decent humorous moments, but as it progresses it becomes more and more clear that Celia is a narcissistic idiot who really hasn't learned anything from her life experiences. Her "teenage rebellion" is an act of attempted terrorism and mass murder, and she feels only indignation at the mention of it rather than shame or regret. Yikes. There is a shallow love story pasted on to the barely-there main plot, but neither of Celia's suitors is adequately fleshed out or has any chemistry with Celia. Her father actually seems to be a bigger jerk than she is in some ways, but have no fear--he will be redeemed in the tidiest, most cliched possible way.

I picked up this book without realizing that it was from the same author as the Kitty Norville books, of which I've only read the first (and will not read any more). I seem to be encountering lately a glut of books featuring privileged, fairly well-off, yet incredibly whiny and shallow young women whose lives just aren't quite perfect enough (and who can't shut the eff up about it), and Carrie Vaughn seems to be a serial offender. I'm done with this author.

EDIT: Oh good God, I see that this book has now been designated the first in a series and another one is coming in January. I don't know what to say. I'm not sure who is worse--the publishing industry that keeps pimping junk like this, Twilight, Eragon, City of Bones, etc., or the shallow, subliterate masses that buy them in such numbers as to justify it. Bah.