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Kitty and the Midnight Hour

Kitty and the Midnight Hour - Carrie Vaughn This was a cool book idea, but the weak protagonist and horrible gender dynamics completely ruin it. There are plenty of ways to write werewolves. Why, why, why did this female author choose to write hers in a way that justifies the main character's repeated rape?

This is not okay.

Seriously. Take out the werewolf aspect of this book and you are left with a story about a woman being abused and repeatedly raped by a man who is treating other women the same way (oh, and taking half of their earnings). This is gross and wrong and why the f*** would a female writer choose to create her pack dynamic like this without soundly slapping the concept down? There was no critique of rape culture to be found here, just a mewling, whimpering protagonist who kinda sorta actually likes being raped and it's kinda sorta actually okay because werewolf. Well, I guess the moral of this story is that if a man has power over you it's okay and you really want it. Slapping a paranormal facade over a real and common phenomenon that women experience at staggering rates all over the world does not make it any less a gross justification of that phenomenon.

This kind of garbage is turning me off of the entire paranormal subgenre. I almost see this book as I see Twilight--as less a novel and more a long-winded cry for help. Ms. Vaughn, although I will not personally be contributing to your finances any further, I sincerely hope you can afford therapy now with your absurdly high book sales.

It's unfortunate that this book even exists.

It's worse that it was written by a woman.

And it's absolutely appalling that female readers are eating this rape apologia up (along with other similarly-themed books, so many of which are also written by women). I'm ashamed for my gender. To my fellow women: you deserve better.