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The Curve of The Earth

The Curve of The Earth - Simon Morden This is an awkward book for me to rate. It is, for the most part, a well-written and interesting book with lots of good ideas and social commentary (even if the main character is a bit of a Gary Stu at times with his wizard-like hacking abilities). However...

After reading a couple of chapters it was very obvious that I was missing something, and upon consulting the internet it became clear that that something is the fact that this book is the sequel to a trilogy. Nowhere in or on this book does the publisher indicate this. Furthermore, after completing this book it is clear that it is a setup for further novels (the first in another trilogy maybe?), which is ALSO not indicated.

I wasn't thrilled with the pacing in this novel. The main character is supposed to be searching for his daughter, but he spends way too much time trying to influence his American escort and show off his cleverness to the Americans whilst not doing a great deal of searching. The author spends a great deal of time criticizing American culture and politics, which, while fun, does not propel the plot forward. However, since this book is apparently one volume of several, the pacing may work better over the entire series. I don't know, SINCE I WASN'T WARNED THAT IT WAS PART OF A SERIES.

I think I would like this book better if I'd read the ones that came before it. I would give this series a shot from the beginning--it is a compelling and interesting world the author has created, and it sounds like some big stuff went down in the previous novels and more big stuff is about to go down. I'm annoyed enough at being misled, though, that I'm not going to jump right on it. This is not the author's fault, but rather the publishers'. Take note, publishers: inadequately labeling a series so that readers end up thrown unknowingly into the middle of it might not be the best strategy. I'd be pretty pissed off if I was the author. The book is readable as a stand-alone, but feels like it's missing an awful lot.